Danga Bay – Johor


One of the largest recreational parks of Malaysia, the Danga Bay also referred to as the Teluk Danga is located 7 kilometers away from Johor city center. The place is Johor’s largest development both residentially as well as in terms of commercial aspects. Due to its excellent location the place enjoys great connectivity via roads, rail and sea. You will feel the importance of this place looking at all the commercial projects that has been setup in this place.

The place is no doubt luxurious and has a lot of activities to offer. There are a lot of good restaurants to dine in here. The Danga Bay being a somewhat dreamy romantic place you can definitely end up a great day by dining in the Restoran Grand Straits Garden or the Singgah Selalu.

The Danga Bay has a long list of attractions in or close to it. You can go the Desaru Beach which is one of the favorites of the tourists because of its sandy beach and its Fruit farm. The fruit farm is definitely worth a visit. You can see a variety of tropical fruits plantations and enjoy a sip of the fresh juice. There is also the Ostrich Wonderland located here where you can enjoy the unique opportunity of riding a ostrich.

You can then make your way towards the Endau Rompin national park which is second only to Taman Negara in Malaysia in terms of size. Here you will get to see the Mahkota and Buaya Sangkut falls. If you have a passion for trekking then you can do so herein. However you need to choose your time of visit to this park as it is closed during the months from December to February.

After visiting a couple of the interesting places you can go for some shopping and there is no better place to entertain you than Aeon Tebrau also referred to as the Tebrau City shopping center. You can buy and taste some good collection of chocolates from the ground floor. Another option is to feast on some fish delicacies from the Manhattan Fish Market. You can then shop your heart out from the various branded outlets present in the center.

Another interesting place that is worth a visit is the Tioman Island. The island consists of 8 villages and is extensively forested. The island whose beaches have featured in many movies may not have much inhabitations but a lot of resorts have grown up in this place. There are also some rare species of mammals that if you are lucky enough might get to see in the island. The red giant flying squirrel, brush tailed porcupine are a few of them. If you are visiting the island from the mainland of Malaysia you can travel by ferries. Towards the south of the Tioman island is located the Pulo Jehat also known as the wicked island. This island has some historical significance. Underwater caves are present in the waters by this island.

Amazing Attractions of Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is a popular city in Malaysia known for its historical past and amazing 
attractions to its visitors. Each attraction has its own story along with unique 
passion involved. Tourists often pass Kota Bharu while visiting Perhentian Islands. 
Most of the prospective tourists think about Kota Bharu & its places of interest
Kota Bharu serves as the state capital & royal seat for Kelantan. It serves as an 
important place for administrative offices along with economic trade & commercial 
hub. The Malysian administration also needs to focus on Kota Bharu as a 
prospective tourist hub. It needs to promote Kota Bharu with holiday packages 
along with brief description about its attractions. Kota Bharu lacks infrastructure to 
handle tourists on large scale. Most importantly after visiting a new place, people 
generally look for luxurious accommodation facilities at nominal price. 
The name Kota Bharu in Malay means ‘New Castle’ or ‘New City’ which shows that 
each new city / fort / castle comes with charm & hope which compels its inhabitants 
of these his historical and poetic origin to move further & achieve its goals. As per 
the climate in a typical rain forest, Kota Bharu remains wet & humid through the 
season in Malaysia. The city of Kota Bharu is always threatened with strong waves 
as the city doesn’t have any wave breakers resulting to substantial erosion. The 
community has been putting several boulders in order to stop the spreading of the 
erosion. Kota Bharu has couple of famous beaches one of them being Pantai 
Cahaya Butan as major activities is occulting towards south. One needs to make 
sure that the tourism business is growing steadily in the den. 
Some of the other typical attractions in Kota Bharu are scuba diving. Though, diving 
in Kota Bharu is quihunk during te new but it has taken a hit for couple of tourist. 
They are looking for a diving instructor who could guide them till the end of the 
wreak – ‘INJ Awazisam Maru’, a Japanese invasion wreak sunk during World War 2. 
But, it seems that the god has other plans for us. We need to get people trained 
with diving gears so that they could act as a guide and shows people the wreak 
from outside. You may take buses from Singapore to Malacca as well.
Kota Bharu has some of the best markets for remarkable shopping experience. The 
Pasar Siti Khadijahor Kota Bharu Central Market is one of the notable market in 
apparels, kitchen utencilstupperwares etc. Some of them need to make sure that 
they possess sufficient balance in order to enjoy the remarkable balance of Kota 
Bharu once in a lifetime.  
Some of the major shopping centers in Kota Bharu are Pantai Timur, Kota Bharu 
Trade Center or KBTC, KB Malls etc. All these shopping complexes provide some of 
the best customer shopping experience as they provide retail products at low cost. 
Moreover, in order to allure more customers, Kota Bharu Shopping Center is under 
major reconstructing suiting modern requirement for demand of retail products. 
Kota Bharu is slowly progressing towards achieving its goals in this competitive 
world of tourism business.